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**New Feature** Data Export Functionality

1 min read
March 3, 2021
Anthony Osborn

Stratiam V1.3.1 Feature Update:

Stratiam now allows for chart-image and data-export options.

Even though Stratiam offers best in class pre-built and curated dashboard for you, ready to work straight out of the box. Many of our users have requested the ability to still get to the underlying data. For this reason we’ve rolled out a data-export option.

A chart view, or its corresponding data can now be exported into various formats, like: JPEG, PNG, XLSX, CSV, or JSON. Options for this can be accessed from the top right of the chart. An example of this in action can also be seen in the video below:

New features are added to Stratiam every two weeks and as per our bi-weekly release schedule. A full roadmap for which will be published here shortly.

The best way to experience Stratiam is to try it on your own data. If this is of interest please get in touch to request a demo.