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Things we often get asked.
These are some typical questions people ask us about Stratiam.

What is Stratiam?

Stratiam™ is a data transformation and visualisation platform, which sits on top of your entire IT infrastructure, providing you with a single-pane-of-glass view of performance.

What are SmartTiles?

Stratiam SMARTiles™ let you assess how multiple services are performing across your entire IT infrastructure in a blink. Should things go wrong, SMARTiles™ offers rapid drill down to pinpoint the exact cause, which allows you to respond quickly and prevent issues from escalating.

No more trawling through logs to find out what’s going wrong – SMARTiles™ help you be more effective and resolve problems faster!

How do I connect Stratiam to my data?

Getting set up on Stratiam™ is easy. Simply choose from our growing library of API Connectors to ingest your data. Pre-configured dashboards will then visualise these in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Is the data live?

Stratiam™ connects your systems together to give you deeper insights and beautifully crafted visualisations to help you achieve crystal clarity of how services, incidents, events and business trends are affecting your organisation.

No longer is your data constrained to silos, unable to connect with related data in other systems. Let our data scientist experts, help you combine all of this into real time views and dashboards, keeping you informed so you can focus on doing what you do best – keeping on the front foot.

Can I cancel my Stratiam™ subscription at any time?

Yes, that's the beauty of the monthly subscription.
Stratiam smart tile