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What is an observability

An observability platform is a software solution that helps organisations to gain insights into the behaviour and performance of their systems and applications. Our observability platform Stratiam does this by collecting and analysing telemetry data, such as logs, metrics, and traces, from all of the different systems and tools that are involved in the operation of a system or application.

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Stratiam Development Manager
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Improved system visibility

Observability platforms help organisations to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of their systems and applications. This can help them to identify and resolve problems more quickly and effectively.

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Reduced downtime

By providing early warning signs of potential problems, observability platforms can help organisations to reduce the amount of downtime that their systems and applications experience.

Improved performance

Observability platforms can help organisations to identify and address performance bottlenecks in their systems and applications. This can lead to improved overall performance and responsiveness.

Unlimited possibilities

Connect to your universe of data

Data-driven decision-making is the process of using data to inform your decisions. When you have access to your data, you can use it to identify trends, patterns, and insights that you may not have been able to see otherwise. This can help you to make better decisions about your business, your customers, and your products or services.

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Drag and Drop Widgets !NEW!

Customise with KPI widgets

Stratiam dashboards are extremely easy to customise. For speed you can start with our pre-built templates and then tweak as required. Widgets can be dragged in and off the dashboard as appropriate and can be rearranged so your KPIs sit front and centre of where you need them. Crucially widgets can be from multiple different live data sources.

Stratiam customisable dashboardsStratiam weather integration.Monitor assets onlineStratiam Network BandwidthStratiam micro KPIsMonitor open tickets

Chart in tooltip !NEW!

Uncover more without even clicking!

Our chart in tooltips are an extremely powerful way to show more data without having to move off the page. Simply mouseover on your widget KPI block, or hover (on a tablet), to have more detailed chart information pop up behind the main KPI.

Try mouse-over on the KPIs below as working examples.

Stratiam Service Desk

Send to Slack, teams and more...!NEW!

Don't miss your alerts or insights!

Stratiam's new send notifications allow you to send your alerts to notification centres you define. This could be Slack, MS Teams, SMS, WhatsApp or Email. And more coming soon. These notification centres can be used to deliver alerts or you can schedule your favourite dashboards to be sent out at a chosen frequency that you define (e.g. every week).

Send to notifications require you have the relevant tools to receive these messages (e.g. an email client or WhatsApp account).

Stratiam Send To Notiffications

Connect to Any Data Source With Stratiam!

Easily connect to your data

Connecting to your favourite data sources is easy. Simple choose your API connector, add your permissions details (e.g. API key) and then Stratiam will do the rest for you. If you can’t find the API connect from our extensive list then we can always build new connectors for you.

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Stratiam has loads of features, but here are some of our most compelling ones

Stratiam has hundreds of features to shout about, but we’ve listed the most compelling. The best way to discover these and more is to try Stratiam for yourself or to organise a demonstration.

1. API Connectors

We’ve done all the hard work connecting to all your favourite data sources

Ingest Real Time Data

2. Real-time Data

Live real-time data straight from your favourite sources with minimal latency

data correlations

3. Data Correlations

Data all beautifully aligned and correlated for you across common key pairings

Stratiam pre-built dashboards

4. Pre-built Dashboards

Get started rapidly with pre-built dashboards and widgets to find insights

Stratiam Custom Dashboards

5. Custom Dashboards

Display only the KPIs that matter most to your business and rearrange

Stratiam alerting

6. Alerting

Set thresholds and then set any alert to send to Slack, Teams, SMS & more

Stratiam machine learning

7. Machine Learning

Employ ML to get you to tell you what will happen with your data before it does

Service Desk SLA Compliance

8. SLAs & Compliance

Ensure your team is always hitting your SLA & Compliance targets

Our Quotes

Who is Stratiam for?

We asked the team behind Stratiam to give their views on why they’ve built Stratiam the way it is and how it adds value.

Dave Pouton
Dave Poulton

“Stratiam is the tool we wanted in the market when we first started. It didn’t exist so we went ahead and built it. Now all our clients want to use it too!”

Peter Job Intergence CEO
Peter Job

“C-level staff are constantly trying to get a bird’s eye view over their entire organisation’s performance. We think Stratiam delivers this very well.“

Stratiam Development Manager
Anthony Osborn
Development Manager

“Stratiam quickly surfaces insights from your data. With our machine learning modules you can predict future events quicker than with the human eye.”


Some questions we're frequently getting asked

These are a few of the questions we're frequently getting asked. But if you'd like to know more about Stratiam the best thing to do is book up a demonstration.

What is Stratiam?
Stratiam is a data transformation and visualisation platform, which sits on top of your entire IT infrastructure, providing you with a single-pane-of-glass view of performance. It is used by Managed Services teams to greatly improve their operational effiiciency.

Is Stratiam just another BI tool?

Not entirely. We like to think of Stratiam differently to a BI tool in where it put the data in its users hands. BI tools tend to look backwards. And whilst this can be great for analysing historical data we like to think of Stratiam as an operational intelligence tool that will show you what is happening right now with your data. In addition with the incorporation of machine learning functionality we can add predictive analytics layers to show you what is expected to happen in future trends.

How do I connect Stratiam to my data?

Getting set up on Stratiam is easy. Simply choose from our growing library of API Connectors to ingest your data. Pre-configured dashboards will then visualise these in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Is the data live?

Stratiam connects your systems together to give you deeper insights and beautifully crafted visualisations to help you achieve crystal clarity of how services, incidents, events and business trends are affecting your organisation.

No longer is your data constrained to silos, unable to connect with related data in other systems. Let our data scientist experts, help you combine all of this into real time views and dashboards, keeping you informed so you can focus on doing what you do best – keeping on the front foot.

Where is the data stored?

We use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to store the majority of our internal data, with data centres based in London (EU-2 region). If required Stratiam can be set up with dedicated data hosting at a location of your choosing.

Can the data be exported?

Yes! Our dashboards or views can be single-click exported as image, PDF or CSV datasets. This can be particularly useful if you've used Stratiam to connect to data and maybe blend or correlate with another dataset that you then want to use to do your own further analysis on. Using Stratiam's send-to notifications these dashboards can be scheduled to be sent to you via Slack, MS Teams or Email at a frequency of your choosing.

Will Stratiam alert me?

Yes! Stratiam can be set to alert you when key thresholds are hit. Triggers can be set up to send these alert notifications via various channels, for example MS Teams, Slack, WhatsApp, SMS or Email.

How do you charge for Stratiam?

Stratiam is usually offered as an complimentary addition to Intergence Managed Services or other offerings such as Digital Transformation. However it can be purchased separately as a stand alone offering if required - for which there would be hosting and configuration charges.